The brainchild of the ever elusive, artistic savant Reggieknow, Fashion Figure Inc. is a high-end toy company, specializing in 12” action figure makeovers, styling, and limited edition toys.

FFINC’s team of talented sculptors, painters, seamstresses and graphic designers, brings 12” action figure fashion to life. The figures wear one-of-a kind, hand made pieces, featuring the finest details from head to toe. Each is accompanied by its own fashion editorial photo set, personally shot by Reggieknow.

FFINC prides itself in collaborating with like-minded brands. Its most recent collaborations include Carhartt W.I.P., Fruition Las Vegas, Jason Markk, Melody Eshani, Union Los Angeles, and Urban Outfitters, and its demand continues to grow. With FFINC's most recent line of 12” figures selling out, numerous brands have expressed a desire to be included in FFINC’s mini fashion house, proving once again that FFINC’s toys are nothing to play with.